Proper Installation Takes Time

Pre-Work Pre-Work Includes pre-inspection and protecting vulnerable areas from damage during the replacement.

Parts RemovalParts Removal Includes removal of moldings, wipers, cowl and trim. Glass installers sometimes bend the cowl back rather than remove it to save time. This results in a poor set of the new windshield

.Pinched Preparation Pinched Preparation Includes trimming the old urethane evenly to 1/16 of an inch. This takes time but ensures a quality fit and bond of the new windshield.

Proper Urethane Application Proper Urethane Application Requires selection and use of primers and urethane systems that fit the existing weather conditions, and time that the vehicle will be out of operation. It is a good idea to ask glass shops to provide documentation of training that their technicians have received in urethane adhesives, and auto glass replacement.

Glass Replacement Glass Replacement can sometimes require two technicians on larger windshields to make sure the windshield is set properly on the first try. There is no room for error when setting the windshield. Poor initial placement almost always leads to compromises in installation quality.

Post-Work Post Work includes providing clear instructions on safe drive-away time. Different adhesive systems have significantly different cure time characteristics. It is a good idea to ask ahead of time how long the vehicle must remain out of operation.